30 August, 2012

Go Yuvi, Livestrong

The one who played a key role in India winning the cricket world cup after 28 years in 2011 and in turn became the player of the tournament, the great Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Seminoma. Cricket means a lot to Indians as Ice hockey to the Swiss. So in a land where thousands of Gods are being worshipped, Yuvi also became a God-like character. As he received the twitter message from Lance Amstrong, “Go Yuvi, Livestrong”, Yuvi took it as the greatest inspiration he could get and a personality he could look forward. I also remember the days I gave talks to the school students and every time I took the example of lance Armstrong to motivate the students who are crippled with a lot of real life struggles. He was a big inspiration to those who battled their life under life threatening sicknesses. He was a hero for many. But when he is now found guilty of doping and later he is stripped of all the seven Tour de France medals, I get confused. Whatever people say, he remains still a hero to me. He came back to life with a bang after fighting a testicular cancer and the brain tumor. I still remember the quote from him which I used to read several times whenever I needed a push in life. It runs so. “We each cope differently with the spectre of our deaths. Some people deny it. Some pray. Some numb themselves with tequila. I was tempted to do a little of each of those things. But I think we are supposed to try to face it straightforwardly, armed with nothing but courage”. Yes, Amstrong continues to be a model of inspiration. His fight against the cancer is bigger than his doping. As Yuvi says “Lance continues to be my hero. As a cancer survivor, I know it is difficult to come back and perform. I don't know how they banned him but he will always be an inspiration to me".

08 August, 2012


Probably I was more organized and disciplined in my life during the formation years. It was some time when everything was set to a timetable. I did have time for everything, I mean for meditation, games, studies, recreation, fun, prayer and all. As I did grow in age and maturity so many of the set things disappeared and in the light of the extras freedom I began to enjoy after the formation years brought other habits.

The modern media did find a place in my everyday life. It became disorganized and gave it a way for spontaneity. Now with all the times being eaten up by the new language and the studies, I found myself being with printed papers, laptop, books, assignments, social media, etc. it was moving like a machine getting at a certain time and then at the university and other assignments. Every day I went to bed seeing the long list of things which I am supposed to do and thinking how I am lagging behind.

Even God was forgotten in my life due to the heap of the papers and notes from the lecture halls. I found no time for ‘me’ till I did meet someone who could light up my life. Yes, it was a lady who just asked me about my life as if someone sent her to do so. She made me to convince to spend every day 15 minutes in silence introspecting and reflecting about the whole day. It was a daily analysis of the day and it helps me now to make my next day better and more fruitful. All what that went away from my life came back.

So the last thing I do before I go to bed is to sit and cool myself reflecting the day behind me now. Yes God sends messengers to bring order in one’s life. Thank you, my beautiful lady messenger.