24 October, 2010

Why RELIGION? (g f xavier)

„We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another“. Jonathan swift.

Its religion and religion everywhere. So to say I have to think about religion due to my studies on the nuances of religion.
Why people hate religion so much? Why people hate church so much? Why the educated youth never want to be labeled as a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or so any other?
These questions are not based on mere imagination and my speculation but based on the facts and realities. It’s all on the basis on concrete discussions we had at the university and with my friends.

There are so many reasons that can be arrayed but among those reasons, I found one very strong and voiced reason.


The state is to be freed from the religion. („Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful“. Seneca the Younger.)

It is time for the church and the various religious authorities to introspect. Why in Europe the church is on a decline? Why the terrorism in the world? Why people fight each other? Why to demolish and then construct another worship place?  Is it all necessary to maintain peace and God-experience and then love in this world?

Find out the limit or the bounbary between the religion and the politics or affairs of the state. One particular religion cannot serve the whole universe or mankind. A country is comprised of different religious people, sects, groups, forms, castes,etc… The government is to the whole people in the nation. If the religion out of vested interests of some leaders try to intervene and control the government  and the political scenario of a state, danger is not far. Mind that, people of God will hate God, all because of those who claim to be the advocates and authorities of God.

To my experience, I owe another truth. No one who hates the organized forms said to me that they hate God. There is some existence of adherence to spirituality and truth and in turn God-experience outside the so called religions. Some do not want to get enrolled in a religion but they need to pray. Will God answer their prayers? I think, 'yes'.

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection” Dalai Lama.
(Courtesy of this video to http://www.revolutionmyspace.com. It is some quotations with regard to religion)
God and religion are different. Religion can lead to prayer, love, spirituality and all positive aspects but it can also ruin all these, all because the head of a religion is not god but a human being. Religion is not God’s creation but of human being. Religion is not a necessity for all positives to happen. But it may be. But for those who still consider and make use of religion for the betterment in life, for those who think that religion facilitated a good peaceful and spiritual life, that religion helps to be positive and good and to be in love, and enables to be successful in life, Thumbs Up to them.

Experience of god is to happen inside human mind or the so called human heart. It is not something that is grabbed or imposed on someone. It is a choice. It just happens in each one. Please do not make it happen in others. Let it happen in ourselves. The real presence of God will vibrate to others. It doesn’t require an artificial medium.

A message to take home. „Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.“ St.Francis of Assisi.

(I am not against any church or any particular group or any religion. I just believe in freedom of expression.)

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