30 January, 2012


No one needs to give me a special class to make me understand about the importance and effect of meditation. I am totally convinced about the meditation. I love to meditate even though I am not a regular and successful meditator. But my hard task in my life was to find a time to meditate.

As per the time table and the common understanding it is the morning hours that are best to meditate. Almost 90% of the literature about meditation and suitable time to meditate reiterates the principle and usefulness to meditate in the morning. Here I don’t intent to make a research about that.

But I was a total failure in this case as I am not comfortable at meditating in the morning. I am a night owl actually and not an early bird. My eyes are not fully open early in the morning and my brain functions very less and slow in the early hours. Even my body doesn’t support my early activities. But lately I learned that I don’t meditate anymore. Am I an exception? This thought disturbed my mind as I see around me here in the friary that all brothers here get up early in the morning and are very much awake.

I tried my best these days to change myself and my habit of staying late at night and to be active in morning. But I terribly failed and my body and mind did not cooperate to this. Then I tried to speak with my colleagues at the university and I learned another fact that most of them are like me. They are more occupied with the books late in the evening rather than at day.

So in the end I changed the timing of meditation. Not only that I am awake and active with the books and all my work in the evening, I am meditating also in the evening.

In one of the articles in the hubpages.com, ‘The best time to meditate’ I read so “I feel the most important factor in deciding the best time of day to practice meditation, is when is the time it works best. If during your meditation practice you are not really yet awake enough, or conversely are already too tired, it's not the best time to be meditating. Equally if your time feels pressure and you are trying to squeeze meditation in, it's unlikely to be very satisfactory”. 

The best time for me is in the evening.

01 January, 2012

It reduplicates.........

Face down in the pillow………..
This is the year ending gift
Thanks to my sentience
Why this year leave me so?
Leaving a year and leaving a love
How long to run to erase the memory?
Memories run faster, soaked in memory
Need to cover the castles from my sight
Protect my eyes from all clasped hands
I loved bracelets but the sight of this bracelet….
Round big eyes of the cats……
Flying angels and hearts
All need to be sunk deep in a bottle of whisky
But they still keep on asking
When will I again wait on a woman?