19 December, 2014

The world of terror

Last week we saw two different realities in the world of terror. In Oslo Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel peace prize and thus becoming the youngest Peace prize winner at the age of 17. At her very young age of 11 she started writing a blog in BBC and then mobilized young girls of her age to pursue education which was banned and denied to them by the Taliban. She then withstood a terror attack on her and her companions after serious head injury. The world celebrated awarding her courage and will power with the Nobel peace prize.

The same week a military school in Pakistan was attacked by the same Taliban and 132 children and almost 20 others were massacred. The whole world condemns the attack and various governments vow to wipe out Taliban.

But who created Taliban? Who is responsible for the various terrorists who were rebels at first and then named as terrorists? On one side there are ‘good terrorists’ who found favor from some nations and they are instruments to fight against some evils. (This is in relation to the Pakistan PM’s adviser’s comment on 13.November on national security. “Why should we antagonize all groups (of militants)? Why should America’s enemies unnecessarily become our enemies?”) Taliban was created and active in the 1970’s and 80’s in the fight against the USSR and well supported and nurtured by the so-called anti-communists. The history repeated everywhere even to the extent of creating and supporting ‘moderate rebels’ against Assad in Syria. Who is paying the price of all these ‘political strategies’?

As many other analysts notice, these terrorists or rebels are like the Frankenstein’s Monster. Creating monsters for a purpose and afterwards the monster starts to destroy the creator’s own loved ones. The monster once described as ‘beneficial’ and someone with the ‘heart of gold’ turns out to be a destructor.

On 23.June Hillary Clinton said, “You cannot allow poisonous snakes to have a nest in your backyard even if they bite the neighbor’s kids, because sooner or later they're going to turn around and cause problems in your backyard”.

As we journey to the Christmas week, our hearts are bleeding reading all these news from around the world. Innocent children are killed. Innocent people who are never responsible for any policies are killed in the name of religion. Many are killed only because they believe in a God and followed a religion their ancestors gave them. The memories of last Christmas, when hundreads of Christians were killed on the Christmas day in the churches in Iraq and Nigeria are still fresh. Hope this year we have a peaceful Christmas.