25 August, 2010

The pariah Pooch (G F Xavier)

Adieu, my little bow-woh.
Cute for me
I love you so long.
World cannot soothe you.
For you warble night and day.
Eyes well up for you
Racked body with deep sobs.
All you the cause.
Come back one day.
Back I need you.
A day opens hands for you.
All here will love you.
But come back ferocious.
Who needs your love!
Who needs your songs!
No more lovely gaze.
But come back with violence.
Today, your once-smiling face depressed.
Eyes in sorrow.
Head down.
For you know only to sing night and day.
Sing, wherever you are, sing.
I love to hear your musicale.
“the brandy of the damned”.
Prayer I make for you.
Berserk you be in future.
Ferocious be you ever more.
World needs violence from you.
Come back, come back with rigour.
And scream not in old melody.
But in blood thirst.
Story of a hapless mutt.
Know not to bark
Adieu, my little pariah. Bow-woh.

22 August, 2010

ABOUT THE UNKNOWN (g f xavier)

This is the story of an unblest donsie.
Lofted as the prinz of all fortuna
Cos’ I have you to cuddle me.

Moused the sky for airplane
None, yet I waved my hands semi-circular
Oh’ She’s gone farther from my land
Wet my eyes to kiss good-by
Cos’ I have you to cuddle me.

Existed a dust exposition to my life
Merriment-clad outer, to all
Inner body cherished a brook of sorrows.
My stream of fears suffer drought now
Cos’ I have you to cuddle me.

Not that I own green pastures.
Not that I feared glad days.
Not that I pocket adorable pats
But I have you to cuddle me.

As an unwelcomed offspring to this globe
Unstabilized tender mind saw the frown of near ones.
Stranded between loved and unloved
Learnt, my episode in life, to have
Beated down, quilt-tripped, rejected abjectly
Tears became luscious than sour
But now I have you to cuddle me.
Hapless life I divulged, a truth it is
Never ‘she’ sensed the grin reality in me
I pretended as if I disrelish her.
Censured her deliberation on all risks
For she knew that I am actor only in stage
Yet I have only you to cuddle me.

Deep inside my marrow her love stays
I know my death will mark an end to it.
Bon voyage to you only in my last grasp.
Still my swan-song will dispatch this story
Thus I have you to cuddle me.

This is the story of an unblest donsie
Lofted as the prinz of all fortuna
Cos’ I have you to cuddle me.

20 August, 2010

About whom? (G F Xavier)

He hate this day in his life. Wrong.  He hates almost all the days in his life. When he searched with eagerness and with more interest he found that he is really drowning. Setbacks have become common. Whom to blame? No one. Shall he at least blame his fate? Be careful. Let not fate hate you. Once someone said that I can’t hate him whoever and whatever he is. He lives because he is frightened of committing suicide. He has all the right to end his life. Can you give at least one reason to live on? It’s simple. We give intellectual and threatening reasons for the persons to hang on with depression and meaningless spiritual aftermath. The individual suffers. All because of mere imaginations. Who takes care of him? We preach and the listener goes with a heavy heart. Nobody is interested in reality. Oh the world beats him down. But he doesn’t blame the world. No one is blamed. He carries everything on him without daring or attempting to point the finger on anyone. He is fearful, afraid of everyone. (I would be happy if you think the ‘he’ here is a mere imagination)