31 July, 2012

Why the church is not women friendly?

What I like the best at the university is the interactions we could make during the lectures and there is a lot of respect given to the opinions of the students. Discussion is one of the mail tools at the university which clarifies all theories in practice. No one is discriminated or measured on the basis of ones opinion and stand points.
On one of these occasions we had to discuss from the church and the politics of the land. The debate was about using religious symbols at the schools. From among all the opinions and suggestion one caught hold of my attention raising a lot of questions in my hearts.
One student said that she opposes the use of religious symbols at the school. As she sees the symbol of crucifix at the classrooms she automatically gets reminded of the Catholic Church. For her Catholic Church and pope are not women friendly and not democratic where decisions are forced upon people by the authorities of the church.
I don’t want to comment here for or against as the theme is more controversial and surely it provoked a deep thought and some introspections.

13 July, 2012

Ausserdem sind wir doch nicht auf Mallorca..

In Indian whenever I travelled in public buses and trains in the general compartments, I saw that because of the overcrowded situation, people used to reserve the seats from outside before they got inside, by placing a bag or a handkerchief or any other article through the window. The rush doesn’t allow them to get inside first and those who get inside first remain standing as the seats are all in this manner privately reserved. So funny I found this system. Often there were so many arguments between those people who did reserve the seats and those who could get inside the bus first pushing and pulling and it led sometimes to brawls. I preferred to stand to travel often in order to avoid any sort of arguments. I find this system very funny and not just.
This semester here at the university I encountered a similar situation. The seats at the university canteen are of high demand and so the seats are already reserved by placing the bag, Jerkins, laptop or a shawl. My preference was to get the food and find a seat and often it is all occupied but no one sitting there. So funny a situation. It happens in Switzerland also and all the more at the university where youngsters are culturally formed.  
The student organization noticed this unofficial funny custom and intervened. Wir ……auch zahlreiche andere Studenten, wären froh, wenn man zur Mittagspause doch die Tische nicht VOR dem Essenholen mit Jacken, Taschen und Laptops reservieren würde. So sind diejenigen benachteiligt, welche das Essen vorher holen, aber dann aufgrund der "Reservationen" keinen Platz finden können. Ausserdem sind wir doch nicht auf Mallorca..
Everything settled and now the problem fixed.