10 May, 2013

Feeling wanted

The best time I enjoy in Switzerland is the weekends. It is not because of the weekend parties and time to rest. But on weekends I get the time to do some ministries. It is somehow turned out to be something good for my soul. I had the opportunity these two years to celebrate Eucharist in some of the old age homes. It touches my heart.

I love the way they look at the altar and the interest in participating in the Eucharist. Their intense attentiveness and the glance with some real hope when the prayers are said touch me in my heart. Then by wishing peace if I go to them at least in the front row, they take my hands in their palms and even though they may be able to say anything their touch speaks very loud.

Last year for the Easter I thought that since this is a special occasion I could go to each and every one in the chapel to wish them peace. Some eyes were wet. Some don’t want to leave my hand. Some ask me whether they knew me earlier.  

They just need a touch. They just want someone to spend time for them. They just want somebody to look at their eyes. The only very fact of so much feeling wanted, I feel from them make me more faithful in God. What is the other hope they have at this age when they knew that they are just on the summit of their own lives? Like to be just being available for those who feel wanted.

NB: one of my colleagues celebrates her 25th birthday and she is sad thinking that she is becoming old. Ok. The real old people may look and laugh at her mercilessly.