10 October, 2011

How long can Manorama blind the Keralites?

Today I was just watching the news reports from various channels about the SFI march and the firing of a senseless police inspector. But almost all the news channels aired similar stories and reasons but Manorama had a very different version and they even changed the timing of the attack against P K Biju and the reasons about the firing. Crazy Manorama. When they will learn to be impartial? How shameless and degraded manorama has become and where is the media justice and truth in reporting? My friends who have a logical mind can analyze the media reports and the discussions. My issue is not politics but the media presentation.

This is not the lone incident where I noticed a different and a false version in this news channel. There was a time when the whole of kerala believed what manorama said and reported. But the people are educated now and they are able to analyze the truths. Kairali cannot be blamed for their versions as it is funded by the CPM. They have an excuse to be so supporting and explaining things away. But why Manoroama? It is high time for the management of this news channel to have retrospection and bring justice and sincerity to their work. They need to learn Media ethics. Let the intellectual and rational Keralites shrug off this substandard ways of Achayan Media to promote and support their political and business motives.