24 December, 2011

2011 and 2012, Thanks and an expectation.

The year 2011 was very special to me personally. It opened my eyes and opened up new horizons. I learned a lot from others. If 2010 gave me a change of place, 2011 gave me a change in my thinking. Broad in accommodating each and every one with everything of theirs. What is thought or considered to be strange in others are turned to be something that is unique in them. Everyone has the right to live their own life with the freedom of expression in the way they like and all that they are convinced of. It is not to pour myself into the mould of traditional norms and customs but to melt the traditional cultural norms and customs, also the unwritten rules and expectations into the mould of personality you and I developed in the course of time. So I had so many good and beautiful moments last year. What can 2012 offer me? Of course, also to you all? Need to coin a motto for this year soon in five days and march into this year with full confidence. I am aiming at some goals specifically. To be ‘trans-national’ and ‘trans-religious’.  Hope my studies in political science and religious science are steering at a right direction.