17 May, 2012

Used copies of the books

Today our professor showed two famous books and said that they are the basic books for his lecture and recommended to buy them. They are expensive ones and the automatic suggestion I made as usual was that to buy the used copies of it online. I have already bought books in good condition from Amazon. It cost really reasonable and we get it sometimes for unbelievable prices. What difference that makes when we read the same matter in a used copy or in a new copy of a book? As I did suggest to my new colleagues at the university, they gave a stare at me. What does that mean? No idea… Sorry, coming from a third world country but a fast developing one, I am used to buying used copies…………Any problem? May be the capitalistic thinking may not allow such a move as it may not support the one who produced it. With all respect to the publishers, I would go only for a used copy. I belong to a class created by the world which does not belong to the belief system of spending ‘just’ when I have an ‘unjust’ pocket which is sometimes empty. Knowledge is knowledge without anything less if it is attained from an old or a new one. Let all those who are lucky and ‘blessed’ to eat soup with gold and silver spoons pay for the loss I made to the publishers of those books which I bought and which I will buy in the future after a worthy use.