15 March, 2012

family physician

Is family physician a luxury? How many families have a family physician? Anyway I have one now. Today I went to the family physician as I had to. Why? Nothing special but a pimple caused me to suffer. In India I could wait as see the pimple to naturally subside and accept a defeat against attacking me. But I am no more in India. So what is the result? I had a one hour long counseling and he did measure my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol level, body weight, height, pulse, etc. and so many which I did not understand and never did in my life in a very detail manner and he gave all the results in a computer program and the result did shock me. I am 10 kilos overweight. He asked me to reduce enjoying Swiss gastronomy and to walk every day. I need a Pedometer now. To have a family physician for every family and to let regularly examined is really a part of luxury. I did never have one in India. This sort of examination once in a while and some disciplining in life would help all to maintain a healthy life.  In India I never heard of such health counselors. I used to think that those with big bellies are the strongest ones. So funny was my thinking. So a family physician who does a health counseling regularly and who does a steady examination in regular frequency can help people live long healthy. This can be a good idea to implement in the Indian mission stations and to help the poor villagers gratuitously and in turn they live long. After all, a long life is god’s blessing. So says proverbs 4:10 “Listen, my son, accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many.”